P7.81 Outdoor Rental LED Display 500×1000mm

Golden Ratio - Suitable for Stage

The stage curtain LED display has an ideal cabinet size of 500mmx1000mm which makes it ideal for stage background, bar entertainment ceremony and wedding.

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Space Saving, Ultra-lightweight

The Outdoor LED Video Wall is only very thin which makes it ultra-lightweight and space saving. Can be installed at any area without requiring much space. The light weight of 16kg/panel LED screen is easy to carry, transport and install - saving good amount of money on your labor costs.

Standard Cabinet Dimensions

The ultra-lightweight cabinet made is aluminum-magnesium alloy which gives it extra strength. The cabinet of Lightweight LED Screen for Show is designed with perfection, making it really easy to install. Also, the quick-lock feature requires no technical skills to install and uninstall.

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High Brightness, Better Quality

The high brightness and high definition features of the Outdoor LED Video Wall ensures great quality pictures - making it a perfect fit for stage, hotel, promotion, station, stadium and other outdoor places.


Silence Operation - Low Power Consumption

The Stage Curtain LED Screen is known for its silence operation and low power consumption. It is also known for fast heat dissipation which will save more energy. Cut on the electricity expenses and help environment with this highly advanced advertising display.


The Outdoor LED Video Wall is highly usable at outdoor places like malls,

stages, promotion, exhibitions, stations, stadiums
stages, promotion, exhibitions, stations, stadiums
stages, promotion, exhibitions, stations, stadiums, etc. Its thin size and ultra-lightweight module makes it easy to install at any area without covering much space.


Stage Background LED Screen

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