P5 Pole LED Display 68" 960×1600mm

Widely Used in High Coverage

The Pole LED Display for Road Advertising has unique design which makes it look beautiful and easy to install. It can be used on road, mall stage, high-grade residence district, tourist attractions, 4S stores, hospital entrance and many more outdoor places.

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Low Investment - High Revenue

The display has small volume and thus it is very inexpensive. It is much more affordable than conventional LED displays. Why spend millions for a big outdoor display when you can install dozens of light pole displays for same amount?

Best Quality Material, Modules and Chips

The material, modules and chips are selected with great care. We purchase the material from reputed vendors. Chips are purchased from big brands like Cree (USA), Nichia (Japan), Epistar, Opto (Taiwan). ICs are bought from MBI, TMS, PWM and MingYang. These manufactures are known for their great quality products.

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Great Advertising Results

The loop plays a same advertisement on dozens of light pole displays, enhancing the visual impact of your advertisement. Your advert will stand apart from others on this display and will get easily noticed by your viewers.

Synchronized Broadcast - Wider Reach

The Pole LED Display for Road Advertising works on synchronal receiving and synchronal broadcasting. This means, they can be easily used on highways because the picture displayed will be clearly visible from a long distance. The high definition picture presents great clarity.

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LED Light Pole Display Vs Traditional Light Pole Billboard

LED light pole display features clearer picture quality, high definition, synchronized broadcast and much more. And yes, they are cheaper than traditional light pole billboards. You may find dozens of LED light pole displays in price of single traditional billboard.

Strict Aging Test

All products undergo a strict aging test. The 72 hours aging test is conducted without die lamp, dim lamp, color difference and mosaic. The product is introduced in the market only if it passes the aging test, making sure the best quality is ensured for you.

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Cluster Management, Easy Operation

Cluster management can be achieved using internet, Wi-Fi and 3G. This makes controlling each LED display individually. Change the display content seamlessly and show the adverts you want to display.

Unique Cabinet Design - Easy to Install & Transport

The cabinet of Pole LED Display for Road Advertising features unique rugged design which makes it easy to carry and install. The lightweight cabinet is easy to carry and saves transportation cost. It's damage free and lasts for a lifetime. Pick out from different standard colors of cabinets.

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