120" Indoor LEDTV-B Player 1586×2800mm

Best Suited for Hotels

It features Aluminum alloy frame, tempered glass face, fashionable design and stable display performance. A perfect match for hotels and can also be used at bank, store, airport, hotel, station, summit, theatre and other indoor areas.

Indoor LED TV Display
Indoor Advertising LED Display

Easy to Operate - Plug and Play

It's very easy to operate - just plug it into any device and play. Supports a wide range of devices. The integrated design has everything in-built like Apple box, loudspeaker, control card and power supply. Plug and play is very convenient to use.

Height and Width - Perfect Proportion

The Indoor Advertising LED TV Display features perfect proportion of width and height which does not only enhance its beauty, but also gives you a comfortable viewing experience. The ideal size provides best display effects and makes it suitable for every place.

Large Screen Indoor Display
best indoor advertising display

Multipurpose and Multifunction

The display can be used at different places and can serve different purposes. Starting from a private club reception to hotel lobby and bar, it can be installed anywhere. It can be used for advertising purpose and for entertainment purpose, for information broadcasting and training.

Apple STB Supports Dozens of Languages

Basically it serves as a simple display, but becomes a powerful info-tainment tool when connected with other devices. When connected to Apple STB, it supports dozens of languages. Its multilingual feature makes it usable across the world.

ultra slim display for indoor
high brightness advertising screen

IOS Miracast

It can be used to send pictures over iOS system device to LED TV by Wi-Fi. Send real time pictures during your presentation. Simple data transmission makes it more usable and convenient for demonstrations, teaching and training.

More Information - More Entertainment

The Indoor Advertising LED TV Display is a great tool for information broadcasting, and can be used as an advertising media and training module. But when connected with Apple STB, it shows your favorite TV shows. So you get more information and more entertainment over single display.

Top Quality LED Screen
led player for indoor advertising

Everything is Under Control

Connect your Apple device by Apple STB and control many different devices. Remain in full control with its unique controlling features and powerful remote control. Work at home with utmost ease and convenience.

One Price for All

In single price, you get the complete kit which includes the LED display, cabinet, control system and other packages. It saves you a lot of money. Also, we replace the faulty accessories without any cost if your product is in warranty period.

led display for indoor advertising

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