P5 Indoor Window Screen 98"1200×2320mm

Attractive Shape - Lighter and Thinner

Glass LED Display features a beautiful shape measuring 1200mm, 2320mm and 150mm in length, height and width respectively. It's lighter than traditional advertising players which make it easy to transport and install.

best indoor advertising display
Showcase LED Screen

High Brightness for Quality Output

The Glass LED Display features Over 2000cd/㎡ brightness and advanced features like manual brightness adjustment. This means, you will get crystal clear picture output in any weather and every day. Adjust the brightness according to the area of installation.

Elegant Look and Slim Frame

The Glass LED Display is manufactured from a powder coated steel base and frame which gives it a beautiful look and extra strength. The surface is coated with a smooth and seamless tempered glass that present clear pictures and more safety.

Best Indoor Advertising
Indoor Window LED Screen

Beautiful Display - Attracts more Customers

It features different display modes which you may change as per your needs. Beautiful design and crystal-clear displays catch eyes easily. Shop window LED screen changes static display to dynamic for better advertising effects.

Real Time Monitoring - Easy to Manage

The Glass LED Display can be connected with different devices through cable for real-time control. Keep an eye on everything through remote controlling. Remote management allows you to manage the activities from anywhere. Highly suitable for public announcements.

LED Screen For Showcase Advertising
Glass LED Display

Seamless Display and Visual Effects

The advanced assembled structure produces seamless display and visual effects, offering you the perfect visual performance you desire from your LED display. The picture quality remains high due to best quality display material.

Silence Operation - Low Power Consumption

The Glass LED Display is known for its silence operation and low power consumption. It is also known for fast heat dissipation which will save more energy. Cut on the electricity expenses and help environment with this highly advanced advertising display.


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