Blind expansion of the realization of the dream may suffocat

The recent Internet ring exploded the pot, music as the wind stirred up a lot of waves. Just as Jia Yueting had just admitted to the shareholders' meeting that the music chain was more serious than expected, the 12.37 billion assets of the three companies of Jia Yueting and Le Gesight were legally frozen last week. According to public reports, June 26, China Merchants Bank Shanghai branch in accordance with the law to apply for asset preservation music as collateral, the Shanghai Higher People's Court ruled that in line with the law: frozen music movement Hong Kong Limited, music as mobile intelligent information technology (Beijing) limited (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Jia Yue Ting, Gan Wei under the name of the bank deposits totaled 1.237 billion yuan, or seized, seized other equivalent property. In fact, since October 2016 since the music as time again into the whirlpool of public opinion. From the capital chain break to the copyright provider debt collection, from the executives to the "easy to storm", and so forth.
We are not playing the role of the masses of the melon, but from the chic "ecology" dream of music, what kind of lessons the company can learn from it? What?

Dreams become reality, and people will suffocate
From 2003 to 2017, music as the head of Jia Yue Ting with 14 years, from Beijing Xiboer to now music as the Empire, music watch its 15 subsidiaries, 68 affiliated enterprises. He used 14 years of time to their own ecological dream into a reality, but sadly, go too fast and the expansion of the dream at this moment and let the dream became Qiazhao people suffocating the hands.

Jia Yue Ting's music to create a lot of first, music is the first hoarding copyright video site; the first self-produced Internet video company; the first in the A-share GEM listed companies in China; the first to feel the Internet The first company to enter the film industry to do the film company's Internet company; is also the first opportunity to reach the mobile phone market, the Internet company; or the first proposed super-car concept of the company ... ... can be said that this A few years the development of Internet companies, those industries focus on the pulse and rhythm, all Jia Yaoting pinched a prospective. If in accordance with this rhythm development in China to re-create a alibaba also may not be possible! However, the pace of Jia Yueting did not stop, but faster and faster, more and more involved in the industry, it now appears that these irrational rapid expansion of the music as the Empire buried the foreshadowed the crisis.
However, the big step behind the expansion is to ignore the most important part of the development of enterprises - capital chain. This is the enterprise development can not break the ring, once the funds are broken, the development of enterprises will be limited, or even subsided, there is no financial support, the upstream suppliers do not provide the necessary materials for production and the enterprise's own Working capital. No matter how good the development of the dream blueprint will become a bubble. Recalling the music of the road, its so-called "music as ecology" is more like a capital game: the use of non-listed companies to the loss of listed companies to do revenue, and then through the stock market profit. Out of the product of the music is very lucky to have a capital chain problem, which makes its entire ecological system collapsed.
How big is the big shoes to wear?
The original music as music in the operation of the network to get more development and benefits, and even become the number one Internet broadcast boss; then cross-border television, in the crowd are not optimistic about the situation, music TV has been successful, become everyone's hot Of the new TV operating mode. However, with the development of music as the system, music as mobile phones, music as cars and other industries, can not say that this is a wrong decision, because the phone, the car is a new field of intelligence and new energy outlet, the final music and can not copy music TV Of the success of the reason, exaggerated too much too fast, so that the original system has been chaotic funds even worse, speeding up the capital chain break. Trying to eat in a variety of areas of a rich dinner and mutual support, "left hand down right", "dismantling the wall", but did not forget the domino effect,
In the LED industry, in the main business on the basis of the development of sideline business is not a minority. With the increasingly fierce competition in the LED market, LED companies continue to pursue the diversification of development, to seek a new breakthrough in development and flowering, such as LED + sports, LED + culture, LED + education and other exhibition skills. Everything has two sides, cross-border also has two sides. Enterprises cross-border "two days", and some cross-border cross well, such as riding a swallow, into the development of the new blue ocean gains profits; some cross-border but the horse before the hoof, fell off the development, The
Recently, the semiconductor optoelectronic devices manufacturing industry, said the long side of the announcement, decided to terminate the planning of foreign investment related to investment in major issues. Changfang Group nearly a year to plan extension of mergers and acquisitions, trying to transform "LED + education" dual main business. And more than a year to interrupt the cross-border dual-core industry's strategic map, or need to be interpreted as to give up, in order to ensure the development of the main industry and set aside blind expansion, rational to cross.
The watchdog's choking dream is a wake-up call for companies that are expanding, even though the winds of cross-border are blowing, but not all businesses can be blooming, and cross-border development is not a common law Universally accessible, music as the capsize told us not blind cross-border, companies need to seek according to their own situation layout, in order to ride on the cross-border wind to the success of the other side.

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