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With the continuous development of business, enterprises for products, brand display demands continue to increase, and LED, including outdoor and indoor display technology is also increasingly popular.
A group of data show that in 2016 the global LED industry market size as high as 69.96 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6% over 2015. China's LED display market to small pitch products for the lead, 2016 also showed a highly hot situation, is expected in the future can still maintain 20% to 30% growth momentum. Huge market demand, is causing LED manufacturers for the fierce competition in the market.
The major display enterprises in order to survive and develop, have made the appropriate adjustments: to expand the scale of industry who have to play cross-border who have to speed up to seize the emerging market who ... ... in this smoke filled the "screen Significant war ", who can become the battlefield" darling ", laugh the last?

ED creative display to lead the new trend, intelligent and innovative user experience
LED display is to Liaoyuan the potential, in-depth commercial display of various fields, covering the commercial real estate, fashion, retail, automotive, transportation, finance, tourism, hotels, sports events, art performances and many other industries.
"The future of commercial display on the market, the conventional display will gradually be personalized personalized custom LED display application products replaced ... ..." practitioners for many years the industry has said so. From the creative LED big screen ignite the world-class DJ carnival night, to the LED water screen to see "Bird's Nest to attract", in recent years the industry all kinds of creative LED screen use case whether it is quality or quantity to improve a lot. For example, shortly before, in Manila built the world's first LED runway, in the intersection of light and shadow to create "their own race with their own" interactive experience, this creative application amazing industry, but also allow more users to see the LED huge intelligence Display effect.
It is understood that the current LED display is moving toward a small pitch, aliasing, intelligent development, and constantly meet the user for color, picture, the ultimate creativity and other different needs. In addition to the distinctive shape changes, such as spherical screen, curved screen, diamond-shaped screen, cylindrical screen and other LED creative shaped display constantly emerging, the LED display is more combined with virtual reality, enhance the reality, multi-screen interaction, Human screen interaction and other innovative technology, so that the hardware, software, the scene of the three with each other, breaking the traditional, simple display, intelligent control, LED display application to become a display market, a "suction eye" weapon The

Intelligent display of human-computer interaction to LED display is breaking the conventional single media use function, closer to the LED screen and the distance between the audience, through the information release and the Internet to achieve interactive experience marketing, to solve the Internet +, O2O era Membership marketing issues. There are industry analysts believe that the current LED display has become the future of the city to highlight the culture, personality, one of the important ways. Environmental art, architectural appearance, interior decoration and other places in the future there will be more and better LED display applications. Therefore, companies need to constantly upgrade their own creative LED display technology, take the new technology and creative applications both the way.


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