Flexible OLED display panel 2018 small batch production

JDI released a 23-second video, showing the JDI's flexible panel, which can be seen from the video, JDI flexible panel like Samsung and LG's flexible panel, with narrow border features.
JDI (Japan Display Inc.) Flexible panels allow users to manipulate at twist, but it is unclear and not sure how to manipulate.
In the first half of this year, JDI said the company is developing a new flexible LCD panel, the company called "Full AcTive Flex".
JDI also revealed that this new type of liquid crystal display will be from the first half of 2018 small batch trial production, these monitors can be used for smart phones and other consumer electronics products.

This means that smartphones with flexible OLED panels are no longer far away from us. When they are introduced to the market, do not know the user will not like.

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