LED display control system display control card I see

In the LED display system engineering has experienced a number of engineering practice and summary of the LED product quality is the core and focus to control. Because the LED is divided into indoor screen and outdoor screen, especially the outdoor screen, directly accept the test of nature and destruction. Must withstand the wind and rain, lightning thunder and the test of high temperature and heat. If it is close to the beach led the big screen, have to withstand the sea breeze corrosion. In this regard on the LED system CPU core technical issues (the main control system).
    Led display control card is installed in the led display of the main control system, each display within the need to install a control card to start the screen work, including the release of text, pictures, video and other information. Led display control card is divided into synchronous control card and asynchronous control card.

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two control cards, the following simple analysis:
    01, synchronous control
    Synchronization control is to achieve the real-time display card signal sent to the led display, led display and computer monitor is synchronized display, are online control.
    Connection: computer and control card connected through the network cable.
    Advantages: storage program content is not limited (depending on the computer hard disk space), display effects, program content editing convenience, picture display is good, support for animation, streaming media (video) playback.
    Disadvantages: led display control computer needs to be running.
    Adaptation: Most of the installation in a fixed place, moving less places. Such as square, railway station and other prominent positions;
   02, asynchronous control
    Asynchronous control is the computer will edit the content sent to the control card, by the asynchronous control card to control the display content, are off-line control.
    Connection: R232 to 485 connection.
    Advantages: can be used offline, the computer shut down or use other software on the display did not affect.
    Disadvantages: storage program content is limited, showing less effects, editing content is not convenient. Picture display is relatively poor, does not support streaming media playback.
    Applicable places: mainly used to send a simple text, pictures and other documents, most of the installation in the door, supermarkets, buses, taxis and other mobile, small area of ​​the display.


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