LED wall can interact with people

The WZ Jardins Hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has installed an interactive LED wall that responds to the surrounding noise, air quality and people's interactive behavior in the corresponding software. It is reported that this is part of the "Hacked City" project, which is used to show how technology can bring about positive changes in the city. Like the facade of the Ontario School of Art and Design, the wall of WZ Jardins is based on local data. The use of metal materials can be based on the surrounding environment in a day of the sound landscape and then use the audio waveform to show it.

In other words, people can be very intuitive to see the city life environment changes.

In addition, people can also use mobile phone software to interact with this side of the LED wall, there are two modes of control of voice and gestures.

In addition, the team is also installed on this interactive wall specially designed to collect noise of the microphone, the detection of air quality sensors, LED lights can be in different forms of the surrounding environmental conditions will be displayed. Among them, red and orange and other warm colors refers to the air was contaminated, and blue, green and other cool colors that air quality has improved.

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