Small pitch LED screen into the high-end market was attacked

According to the China LCD reported, LED now we can see everywhere, walking in the street on the display screen with a variety of information, back home LED lighting is also everywhere, I believe we are no stranger to the LED, especially For the display is no stranger, after more than a decade of development, LED market has gradually entered a steady development period, the growth rate slowed down significantly, but this does not mean that the development of LED industry bottlenecks, the rise of the past two years, small pitch LED display Screen is flourishing, the momentum of development unstoppable.
Compared to the traditional LED display, the small spacing of the screen threshold is higher, because of its technology, capital, production research ability has a higher demand, the enterprise must increase the investment, which is why the current small business involving small businesses, Many are more comprehensive strength of the large enterprises, especially listed companies the most prominent, such as: Chau Ming Technology, Li Yade, Abby, etc., which is the first in the industry to play a small gap between the concept of a number of LED companies, also With a small pitch concept stocks in the capital market charge forward, and therefore tasted a lot of sweetness. It is understood that Chau Ming, Li Yade in the 2015 half-year performance charts are in a leading position, while Abby is not as high as the two, but the past two years by the small distance of the east wind by leaps and bounds is the fact that alone broke the IPO alone last year Checkpoints, the success of the listing and the fact that the stock soared is enough to prove.

However, in the highly competitive display market, small pressure from the LED is not small, the face of high-end display market, a huge temptation, small spacing LED want to break, before the DLP splicing screen obstruction, and then 1.8mm LCD splicing screen Of the attack, can be described as a strong enemy did not go, and add rival, small distance LED display business how to self?
Due to the high application cost, at the beginning of the promotion, the small-distance LED display will be the high-end display market as an important entry point for the application of market expansion, so the small distance LED display companies have maintained a high degree of this area attention. For a long time, due to patchwork larger, LCD splicing screen in the high-end market is very limited application, DLP splicing screen naturally become a small pitch LED key PK object. However, with the patchwork technology upgrade, especially now 1.8mm patchwork products, LCD stitching on the high-end display market influence can be improved rapidly. Can be described as a strong enemy did not go, and add rival, small distance LED display business how to self?
The so-called "confidant know each other." LCD stitching and DLP stitching enterprises, although the high-end display market has maintained a high degree of concern, but the attitude of the two is not entirely consistent. With the advantage of "zero" patchwork, DLP splicing was a big screen display market absolute dominance, however, with the strong rise of LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing screen market share has been compressed, high-end display market has become the last Barrier, can hold the dominant position in the high-end display market has become a key link for the continued development of DLP splicing, therefore, DLP splicing business on the high-end display market investment spare no effort; in sharp contrast, LCD splicing screen on the high-end display market It is indifferent to many, but as the absolute control of the market in the low-end market, expand the high-end market is a strategic layout needs, and technology to enhance the competition has also let the capital, therefore, although less a little sense of urgency, but Is also crucial.
As for the small pitch LED itself, due to a short period of time the price can not be substantially reduced, therefore, the price to withstand the strong high-end display market is bound to be. This also means that in the high-end display market, whether it is LCD splicing or DLP splicing is a small pitch LED need to "Sike" object.
From the technical point of view, LCD splicing, small spacing and DLP stitching is clearly different, but in the specific market applications, the three applications may not be "incompatible." And low-end display compared to the market, high-end display industry users will pay more attention to quality, "the most appropriate" has become the first purchase criteria, which also led to a project, because the application of different scenes, LCD splicing screen, DLP splicing screen and small pitch LED display will coexist, and perform their duties.
For example, Cai Xin Technology in China - the Arab National Expo project construction at the same time using a set of 80 series 5X12 70-inch DLP rear projection display unit and 3X4, 7X5, 2X3 three sets of 46-inch LCD display device, DLP rear projection display unit is placed in the main venue of the Expo smart city display center, and LCD splicing screen is the use of three-dimensional stitching form (two sets of large screen between the formation of 120 degrees angle) in the exhibition hall for more flexible display The
For their own sustainable development considerations, DLP stitching enterprises have chosen to "walk more than one leg", the above mentioned MMS and Wei Chong, GQY and other mainstream DLP splicing enterprises have completed the LCD splicing, DLP splicing and Small pitch LED full line layout, and in stark contrast, the traditional LED display business is "special" at a small pitch. It is precisely because of this, high-end display of market competition intensified by the pressure, for these professional small pitch LED business will be more violent.
Today's small pitch LED has become the mainstay of traditional LED display business performance growth, which can be released from their third quarter earnings report, for example, Chau Ming Technology, from January to September 2015, its total revenue year on year 39.18%, while the small-pitch product revenue grew by up to 102.96%; Abby also pointed out in the third quarter report, small-distance display continues to maintain high growth has become one of the important reasons for the company's revenue growth, 1 to 9 Month, the company small-screen display orders increased by 70%, order size has been the same as 2014 year. In this case, the traditional LED display on the small pitch market expansion even more can not be lost.
Whether it is from the technical level or from the practical application level, LCD splicing, DLP splicing and small pitch LED three have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is difficult to do take-all, so small distance LED display if you want to gain a firm foothold Identify their own positioning, the application of the market refinement in order to maximize the overall competitiveness of their own businesses to play, and in the existing application market, based on the expansion of emerging markets to accumulate more abundant industry resources , To break the industry limitations. In view of the high-end display market competition intensified, and the application of market size expansion needs, small pitch LED display application sink has been inevitable, and for low-end market application requirements, balance the application effects and application costs, or will become the traditional LED display Enterprises need to overcome the difficulties.

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