Feel the latest trend of 17 years with LED display stage

The world's first UHD ultra-high-definition TV signal: ultra-high-definition (UHD) physical resolution of 3800 x2160 (4K x 2K), also known as 4K ultra-high definition, is the largest resolution, the resolution of 4 times the full HD (FHD , 1920 x1080) TV, 8 times the HD (HD, 1280 x 720) display.
LED stage rental display
May 17, 1717 ~ 18: 30, SBS live between a large stage variety show is live, the live is SBS joint KBS, MBC TV world's first UHD super high-definition TV signal party, and the first attempt A new type of led display design concept. In the middle of the stage, you can clearly see nearly 100 LED display a regular combination of UHD letter modeling movement, and with the playback of material, people shines, dynamic, full of personality.

LED rental screen wonderful lens, not to be missed

Debut, that is amazing. Is screenopto show 17 years the main launch of the creative avant-garde products, its name is LED rental screen. LED rental screen As the name suggests is a mechanical movement of a LED display products, through the rectangular array installation, to achieve a variety of modular combination of modeling to achieve the stage embellishment and display. So cool mechanical sports LED display products, let me tell you how it is evolved!

LED rental screen of the birth process

Want to know what is the LED rental screen? Maybe you have to look at what is the LED kinetic energy ball.

2016 at the end of the screenopto display with CF carbon fiber 500x500 box products ultra-light ultra-thin (only 3.3kg) product advantages, equipped with motor with the use of this new dance design concept. Of course, more importantly, it can not only be used as a regular LED display can also be used as a lift LED energy screen to use, thereby saving equipment costs and improve equipment utilization, can be described as two birds with one stone.

Screenopto shows only for professional performers.

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Feel the latest trend of 17 years with LED display stage

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