LED backyard fire, COB came!

Just when the small pitch LED triumph, and DLP fight wall and LCD splicing of the irreversible, the backyard suddenly caught a fire, and a guy named COB began to act.
Wei Chong, Wei Qiao Shun, Ao Da Da, Changchun Xida and a number of enterprises have a new generation of COB small spacing LED name, the impact of the existing small pitch LED.
Wei Chong that: "COB small pitch LED" debut to the user to bring a fresh feeling, breaking the past in the spacing "getting smaller" on the Competition. For the entire LED industry, the future will no longer just to different distances to divide LED products, different packaging technology has become a distinction between the choice of LED products, another key factor.

COB has a good stability, durability, can be bent, watch more comfortable and many other advantages, so many companies whom move.
Such as Shenzhen Wei Qiaoxun Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. since 2010 began to try to semiconductor COB packaging technology into the LED display field, after nearly seven years in the packaging technology and production technology to explore, now has to provide the market to cover single and double color, the whole Color, indoor, semi-outdoor and outdoor wide range of led display products and multi-scene application solutions, and in the COB production process improvement to obtain detailed test data and verification data.
Shenzhen Aorida COB small spacing of products per month has reached thousands of square meters, orders not only from the domestic, overseas also frequently blooming results.
Changchun Xida successfully developed LED integrated triple play (COB) indoor small spacing products, compared with the traditional small pitch led display, many aspects of performance beyond.
In the spring of 2016, Wei Chong also officially launched COB packaging products, and has been successfully applied in the public security, energy, power command and dispatch center, television studio and other applications.
Wei Chong believes that the development of small-pitch LED display can be divided into two stages: the first stage is to solve the problem can be used, the core technology breakthrough is reflected in the pixel pitch reduced to 2 mm below P1.5 and P1. 2 product mass production; the second stage is mainly to provide a higher product reliability and visual experience, which COB package is one of the most critical technical direction.
With these manufacturers of positive attitude is different from the traditional LED manufacturers on the COB seems not particularly keen. Liyad, Chau Ming, built photoelectric, etc. are currently no COB products come out. The COB is now a new attempt, the future enterprises can find new bright spots from the COB to meet the needs of users of differentiated, the joint photoelectric will continue to pay attention to the development trend of COB technology.
In the short term, the COB package will not be the mainstream, but with the progress of technology, its development potential is still worth looking forward to, the Star will continue to pay attention to the field of COB packaging technology trends.
"Note not into the", the traditional LED manufacturers which is done out of which? National Star Optoelectronics seems to reveal some clues, the staff said: Although the COB package has a certain advantage, but at the same time it is also a lot of disadvantages.
For example, the contrast, the COB package form than the single device patch into the module way, the appearance of consistency is not high; products do not use the case, the screen surface ink inconsistency, affect the appearance; the same time, because the production mode and single device Different, the production process and finished a low pass rate. Lianbu Optoelectronics believes that COB has not yet entered the most mature state, the market needs to nurture, improve the user's awareness.
Another LED manufacturers executives said: COB there are still some challenges: first of all in the technical aspects, COB package screen ink color is not good control, that is, when the light is not lit, the surface ink inconsistencies, which will affect the overall product The second in the market, COB package size is still relatively small, the overall market has not yet opened, with the traditional technology to fight the price is not an advantage. If these problems are not resolved, it is difficult to get the customer's approval.
On the technical aspects of the lack, I think that with the development of COB technology can basically be resolved. Such as for the uneven color of this problem, Granville has made a breakthrough, and applied for a patent.
Granville through a combination of their own DLP screen special coating process, the circuit board can be caused by the elimination of color differences, in order to achieve to improve the contrast and overall uniformity, thus solving the problem of ink consistency. Wei Qiaoshun this also received progress, the new P3, P1.87 products have eliminated the ink problem, to ensure that the COB small pitch LED products, the whole wall display.
Cost price, now look really is a disadvantage. LED industry to fight the price war is well-known, very competitive. On the current COB process led display in terms of, although the technical abolition of the reflow as the core of the surface paste process, but also increased the difficulty of the packaging process, making COB package in the CELL stage of stability control, reliability testing, etc. more For the complex.
In addition COB package than the surface of the packaging technology started late, and the previous COB package is mainly used in the field of lighting, although the advantages from the obvious, but in the small interval LED display technology and material technology in the field of less than the accumulation of technology, which Resulting in the overall cost, COB package is also inferior to traditional SMD surface mount technology.
COB package of high cost on the one hand hindered the COB show the development of enterprises, but also affect the COB package display market share. But recently there is a good news, according to the relevant COB manufacturers revealed that this year in P1.5, P1.2 and P1.0 products will have a breakthrough and cost breakthrough.
In fact, the traditional LED manufacturers are not active on the COB, there is a bad reason to say that exports: that is, COB is directly to the core in the PCB board to complete the package, which makes LED screen enterprises do not need the end of the professional packaging business, and Directly with the upstream chip manufacturers docking, which changed the traditional LED industry chain ecology.
So not only by the threat of survival of the professional packaging companies boycott attitude, used to deal with the packaging manufacturers to deal with the traditional LED manufacturers are also very uncomfortable, especially in the small pitch products leading LED manufacturers. For them, the use of COB, it means that its long-term accumulation of SMD process experience and basic investment will become no value, or even become a negative asset, need to re-head.
Now even behind the COB business, the basic are for those in the LED display on the accumulation of shallow, no SMD chip technology experience, or want to enter the field of LED manufacturers. The use of COB technology they can form a differentiated competition, effectively avoid the traditional LED manufacturers in the SMD on the accumulation of advantages, Moreover, COB does have a lot of SMD less than the advantages.
At present, although the SMD package still occupy the mainstream market, but COB rely on their own advantages, has achieved very good market results.
Weichang said: In the field of radio and television studio, due to COB technology's own anti-Moire pattern characteristics, making the camera system staff very much like this new technology; in the command and dispatch center market, COB highly stable, easy maintenance and maintenance Comfort, but also by the customer's recognition; in the leasing industry, COB more to prevent the collision and vibration damage characteristics, making the rental market is very optimistic about the promotion of this product.

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