LED display equipped with smart poles lead fashion!

According to the research of the relevant agencies, China's smart city market will reach 6.0 trillion yuan in 2017, the next five years (2017-2021) annual compound growth rate of about 32.64%, 2021 market size will reach 18. 7 trillion yuan. I believe the next few years, "smart city" work will be uninterrupted force, large-scale investment will be a steady stream of investment for urban development.

On this basis, how to use new technology to build a smart city has become the focus of attention of the community. Led display industry is no exception, a variety of "wisdom" shows the product after another, and look at the current market situation in the wisdom of urban construction, led display was the first force of the "road traffic", which in addition to the traditional Traffic outside the big screen, it is mushrooming like a lot of "small screen", for example, the recent more fiery wisdom LED light pole screen, it is no exaggeration to say that once the emergence of market products to replace the tide! Especially in some first-tier cities, with intelligent led display of the street has become the wisdom of the city building a major success of the display terminal.

"A multi-purpose" is the wisdom of led display street poles the biggest feature. Tongji University, Department of Locomotive, Department of Energy Automotive Industrialization Research Center, a professor said: "a smart pole, including nearly ten kinds of road rods function, so that the rods of the chaos to solve the can also effectively save the city ground And space resources, but also a fine development of urban management of a performance.
Smart LED light pole of the general structure of the screen

Wisdom LED light pole screen in addition to its products have a number of functions, the urban construction has also produced a wide range of effects.
Banned the traditional light pole billboards gave birth to new advertising
Intelligent LED light pole screen large-scale large number of applications, the impact of the traditional light pole advertising box, compared to the traditional light box advertising, intelligent LED light pole screen with both front and rear display, as well as a variety of forms of play advantage, but also through Powerful internet, get more audience crowd. In addition, with the naked eye 3D and VR \ AR and other technology is mature, these new light pole screen will give people a more vivid display of the screen, so that advertising performance more vivid.
Information sharing for the audience to create a more convenient life
Smart LED light bar screen can not only play audio and video, video, text and other multimedia content, you can also use the phone to connect Wi-Fi Internet, monitoring road video information, display temperature, humidity, wind direction, wind speed, PM2.5 and other environmental data, But also can play convenience services and other information, to achieve business value and people's livelihood services, people can pay attention to the changes in the surrounding environment, and make the appropriate life and production response.
At present, the industry a lot of screen enterprises have a representative led display smart poles products have begun to be widely used in the market, with the wisdom of the street lights on the led display, through the network connection, people can guide the road, road broadcast, information Release, etc., relative to other information release products have a unique advantage. I believe the future with the LED display technology to further upgrade the wisdom of LED light pole screen will be more perfect for the construction of the wisdom of the city building blocks.

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