Japanese factory launched into the Micro LED display technol

AMOLED (active organic light-emitting diode) because Apple (Apple) will launch OLED version favored by the market and burst red, but the Korean plant Samsung Display (SDC) exclusive 95% of the global market, making the factory to be outdone to actively push Micro LED display Technology, Apple does not want to dominate Samsung, is developing Micro LED used in small and medium-sized display.
Photoelectric Association (PIDA) said, Micro LED is expected to become the panel market ambush, because Micro LED will be micron-level RGB three primary colors LED chip with high density epitaxy on the substrate, by a single chip to do pixel (pixel) to form a high density matrix , Can effectively replace the liquid crystal CF and OLED luminescent materials. As the LED light-emitting components in the stability and efficiency with excellent performance, better than OLED, coupled with chip prices and technological development and progress, making Micro LED with the development of niche points.
However, due to the current technical threshold is still high, although the Micro LED in the process and cost compared to OLED has an advantage, but the distance from the practical application of the threshold is still quite high, PIDA pointed out that the blue-green LED chip is gallium nitride epitaxy in sapphire Substrate, so both can be produced at the same time, while the red LED chip is gallium arsenide as a substrate, so the integration of RGB chip is not easy.
And now has the product of the factory manufactured by Sony CLED, in order to achieve high quality results, the use of individual manufacturing LED chip, the 2 million group of RGB chips, a total of 6 million LED chips for high-density packaging, the process is extremely difficult. If advanced to 4K / 8K high resolution, in addition to high-density packaging technology, if a single chip is bound to affect the image effect.
PIDA estimates Micro LED at least by 2020, have the opportunity to start commercial applications; despite the technology is still difficult, but the Taiwan plant has lost the opportunity in the OLED technology competition, industry hopes to rely on the weight of Micro LED LED market power.

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