Led display water ripple and refresh knowledge

Water is the source of all things, water ripple pattern of the United States and the perfect blend of cultural beauty, is the traditional Chinese pattern patterns in the classic graphics, contains deep traditional culture. From the primitive society of people's water worship, the philosophers "good water" moral culture, literati poetry poems, as the traditional elements in the life scene props in the application to the modern design is still optimized into the water ripples in our lives
But the LED display on the water ripples, but did not get everyone's favorite, or even can be said to be disgusted. Especially in some meetings, studio, live events and other large-scale use of camera and video occasions, the scene led screen full of water ripple to the original perfect activities through the pictures, video transmission, become flawed, it is not annoying The
Causing the water ripple is the reason for the use of LED display refresh rate is not enough, take pictures of the moment some of the LED display line is not lit, it produced a series of water ripples. To 1/4 sweep, equipped with ordinary cross-flow driver IC, refresh rate of 1000Hz screen, for example, set the camera exposure time of 1/1000 seconds, 1/500 seconds, 1/800 seconds, 1/2000 seconds
It can be seen that only in the shutter speed of 1/500 seconds, all lines are lit twice, the brightness of the best shot out the best results. And 1/800 second and 1/1000 second shutter speed, there are some lines more lit 1 times, resulting in varying degrees of water ripples. More than 1/2000 sec in the shutter speed, half of the line is not lit, you can imagine the number of water ripples as much. So to achieve the refresh rate of more than 2 times the speed of the shutter speed shooting the best, no water ripple.

In the fashion festival, the forum meeting, wedding applications, live television, outdoor opening activities, shopping malls indoor activities, conference applications, the face of a public camera, the camera guns short gun, screenopto standard series of rental products still show clear and beautiful, No trace of water ripples. In addition, the strong color P3 and the following products, high-density T series, standard series (rental), indoor S series, A series, etc. have been upgraded to high-definition high-order PWM driver IC, to bring customers the ultimate visual experience.

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