LED stage rental screen and ordinary LED display where the d

display effect

General of the traditional engineering LED display only play a promotional effect, to play video and video images can be, and LED stage rental screen to accept the high-definition camera and camera test, the screen body refresh and display requirements more stringent. So the configuration is higher.
Box difference

General traditional engineering LED display, are fixed, the box is simple waterproof box or standard waterproof box, mainly play a fixed and waterproof role, the structure is relatively heavy. For the LED stage rental display, it is necessary to frequently disassemble, build and transport, so the box in the structural design requirements to be easy to disassemble, in the weight requirements of light, easy to transport, usually using die-cast aluminum box production, thin structure , High stability, more convenient to install at any time demolition, suitable for concerts, stage performances.
Installation method
As mentioned earlier, the stage rental screen box structure with quick lock design, easy installation and removal of fixed, fixed bracket or special frame design, to build is more convenient, such as a concert is over, you can remove the transport to another A stage place to build, save time and effort. The traditional LED indoor and outdoor display, usually fixed installation, the installation location is fixed, it will not easily move.
The above is the traditional engineering LED display and stage rental LED display the main difference, but also because of these major differences, both in product configuration and structural design is very different, also led to the price difference between the two very different.

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