What kind of LED outdoor screen can withstand the sun's expo

With the continuous development of science and technology, led display in life has been widely used, but not everything as people wish, led display in the course of the use of the protection level is often the problem, LED outdoor screen which performance , Can withstand the sun exposure?
Many customers will worry about this problem, led display is certainly good But spend so much money in the outdoor installation of a led display can not stand feng shui sun and rain, it feels very worthwhile.
Yes, there is such a concern is reasonable. Outdoor led display general area larger, so it is still very heavy. Installed in the outdoor led display, the first page to note is the structure of the design. The installation structure should take into account: wind, earthquake, bearing and other major factors; followed by the screen body shape, structure, exterior decoration design should be attached to the building or the environment in harmony; Moreover, is to consider the local environmental factors, such as Air humidity, air salinity content (coastal city) and so on. But nevertheless, the early outdoor led display manufacturers predicted 50,000 hours of durable time and did not get achieved. First, like Shenzhen, such as the southern city, outdoor high temperature, UV exposure. Led display itself in the process of running will produce a lot of heat, coupled with outdoor high temperature, sun exposure. This situation to the led display of the durable time hit a 85 fold. Which will undoubtedly become the outdoor led display market recognized by the major problems.
There are problems, will have new technology. Led display in order to withstand the sun's exposure, we must use environmentally friendly materials, through a special process, without filling plastic, you can make the led display module to achieve both waterproof and dustproof, but also against UV environmental protection purposes. Customers in the choice of display products, the need to clear their own demand for the display, such as product applications, environmental analysis, product expectations, a variety of reasons analysis, in order to choose the right product.
Led display work, especially after the sun exposure, the screen issued a higher heat, in order to ensure that the entire display system in a stable state of operation, the display cooling system for a study, a set of strong convection heat system. Plus the use of aluminum heat conduction effect, so that the cooling system is more stable and reliable.


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