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I believe we are no stranger to the LED display, after more than a decade of development, LED market has gradually entered a steady development period, the growth rate slowed down significantly, but this does not mean that the development of LED industry bottlenecks, the rise of the past two years Small spacing LED display is flourishing, the momentum of development unstoppable.
Compared to the traditional LED display, the small spacing of the screen threshold is higher, because of its technology, capital, production research ability has a higher demand, the enterprise must increase the investment, which is why the current small business involving small businesses, Many are more comprehensive strength of the large enterprises, especially listed companies the most prominent, such as: Chau Ming Technology, Li Yade, Abby, etc., which is the first in the industry to play a small gap between the concept of a number of LED companies, also With a small pitch concept stocks in the capital market charge forward, and therefore tasted a lot of sweetness. According to the author to understand, Chau Ming, Li Yade in the 2015 half-year performance charts are in a leading position, while Abby rose, although not the two, but the past two years by the small distance of the east wind by leaps and bounds is the fact that last year exceeded the IPO Heavy points, the success of the listing and the fact that the stock soared is enough to prove.
Why can a small pitch have such a huge amount of energy? The author through the interview research draw the following conclusions:
First of all, LED display product iteration upgrade, the quality is undeniable.
Small spacing, as the name suggests is the smaller spacing, from the LED self-luminous display principle, the point spacing becomes smaller, it means that the image display unit density becomes larger, there is no doubt that the image is more clear, and this is a small pitch The display can overcome the roots of the traditional display, like mobile phones from the original big brother into now ultra-thin, cool smart phone, this is the product of the iterative upgrade.
Product upgrades must be the result of technology upgrades, no technical progress, product upgrades will be out of the question, if the original one square meters of the display can only put 1000 lamp beads, and now a small pitch per square meter of the lamp beads The number must be doubled, so as to ensure the density of point spacing, not only that, but also consider the high density of heat, dead lights, patchwork and brightness adjustment and many other issues, this is the test of technology.
P2.5, P2.0, P1.6, P1.5, P1.2 are endless, and even the smaller pitch products such as P0.9 and P0.8 are in mass production. stage. Comparison of 2014 and 2015 in the first half of the market data can be seen, P2.5 gradually regularized, sales accounted for a decline, P2.5, especially P2.0 the following small pitch products, sales gradually higher, indicating that the market more and more Tend to be smaller pitch products.
2014 - the first half of 2015 small spacing LED display product proportion - sales
Market demand to guide the direction of the development of enterprises, more and more display enterprises to join the small distance competition among them, in a sense, who led the product innovation, who won the initiative in the market. Therefore, we are all toward the "small distance, and then smaller", "clear picture quality, and then a little clear" and "wide field of vision, and then a little wider" and continuous efforts.
However, the small gap between the market shows the most exciting game is still a few giants between the contest, the industry popular "South Island Ming, North Riyadh" argument, the two are indeed in the field of small-pitch display done Wind and water from the big brother, the competition is also very intense, Li Yadu devaluation P0.9, Zhou Ming immediately launched P0.8 catch up, and the first small distance display of the "golden ratio" product Upanel series, build Out of the most suitable people to watch the "golden field of vision."
Second, LED small distance product prices gradually close to the people, to stimulate market demand.
As a star product, small distance LED display market heat continued fermentation, more and more manufacturers stationed in the market competition is also increasingly fierce. In the fierce market competition, the price is often the most competitive degree of competition in a factor, in the context of technological progress, market expansion, the cost will continue to decline, product prices also will decline, this is an inevitable trend, but also All the new things must be a stage.
Industry experts believe that the cost reduction is a constant rules of the game, but the cost is not all, LED price is continuous, but in the process of price cuts, there must be technology in the support, there is no technology, Ability, but also have the overall cost, but also the need for brand value support. In the interview process, Chau Ming Technology expressed deep concern for this view, the interviewee said that the competition in the process of price reduction is not simply price reduction behavior, behind the price is the overall strength of the competition, there is no strength to rush to People fight the price. To Chau-ming, for example, the enterprise after nearly 11 years of development, in the LED display has accumulated a certain amount of experience and influence, with old-fashioned display companies first-mover advantage, coupled with the capital advantages of listed companies in the LED display and Small pitch market access to a place.
According to the author to understand that large display companies usually have their own unique advantages in resources, such as Riad as the only LED listed companies in the north, the integration of days, geographical factors occupy the advantages of military resources, and Chau Ming, Abby Enterprises from the bustling Pearl River Delta, in the product supply chain with certain advantages. According to Zhouming R & D personnel revealed that they have begun to implement the purchase of bulk, so not only to maintain a stable supply problem, more importantly, in the price to enjoy the advantages of bulk procurement, coupled with the strict cost of production control, cost once Down, the product in the market when they have a certain price initiative.
Because of technological progress, cost control and other factors, the price of small-pitch products is no longer high, but to more close to the people, therefore, the market acceptance and demand is also greatly improved, more widely used, gradually from the public domain (Security monitoring center, dispatch command center, information center, studio, etc.) to the civilian areas of penetration.
Third, the small spacing is not just a small gap, the future may be infinite.
In accordance with the current development trend, I believe that the future trend of small spacing is not limited to the LED display, it may take the Internet, Internet of Things Express, become the carrier of the Internet. Smaller products have the advantage of seamless stitching, the size of the product is no longer limited, so the greater the possibility of people interacting with the screen, once this interaction is reached, and when the interaction becomes more and more frequent, The closer to the distance, the new way of communication may be born.
When a small pitch is applied on a large screen, the timeliness of the interaction will promote a small gap to break through a simple display frame, giving it a richer meaning. And the author coincide, billion photo electronic Jin Haitao is so small-screen display: "should not only meet the display needs, there should be more layer of the possibility that we have been down the reason is that it Not just the concept of a small - spaced display, and if you just show your ad, any display of the specification can be done.
I believe that no matter how small the future of the gap, we should not be limited, if the original limit, it may not now a small gap, the entire LED display industry may still be based on the original self-restraint, the industry did not progress, There is no way to develop, only a small distance between a beautiful tomorrow and infinite possibilities, can only be expected.

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