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"13th Five-Year Plan" (draft) officially announced that the heavy file not only set the next five years, China's development trend, more clear the national economic layout, there is a huge investment opportunities. Which areas will become the "thirteen five" new outlet? LED display to see the opportunity, timely "get involved", money can be expected.

Virtual Reality
At present, the global virtual reality industry after nearly a hundred years of development is still in the early stages of development, supply chain and various supporting facilities are still groping. However, the development prospects of virtual reality is imaginative, with a wide range of application space, such as games, film and television, education, sports, interstellar exploration, medical and so on. The current major advisory bodies are optimistic about the virtual reality in the next five years will achieve ultra-high growth, outbreaks in close proximity.
At present, LED display equipped with AR technology has been able to achieve virtual reality interaction, such as Qi Pu photoelectric AR enhanced reality and touch touch technology, can provide virtual fitting room and touch display two solutions.
Sports industry
In the past year, the Chinese giants began to aim at the assets of overseas high quality sports, and gradually move closer to the mature sports profit model - tickets, media rights, sponsorship and sports derivatives. Therefore, with high-quality event resources and the majority of the audience's sports industry will continue to receive the subject of the pursuit of capital.
As we all know, LED display products, the application of antennae has long been extended to the sports industry. Now in large sports events, LED display has become an indispensable display media. With excellent brightness, color, life, application flexibility and other advantages, LED display at home and abroad in many sports events - the Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade, Sochi Winter Olympics has been a lot of use, including Opening and closing ceremonies, venues inside and outside the information display, the game surrounding the screen, the application case is increasingly rich, the output value of continuous breakthrough and towards a new level.
cloud computing
Business migration to the cloud is the trend, you can see the public cloud and private cloud market growth is still go hand in hand. At present, the LED industry has a number of enterprises to build their own cloud platform, but to share the market share is not high, it is understood that the current domestic cloud computing market is still in its infancy, the market is becoming more cake To more attractive, therefore, LED companies to speed up the construction of the cloud, will be favorable to grasp the market opportunities.
Big Data
The total financing of the big data industry was $ 800 million, $ 1.54 billion and $ 2 billion respectively, respectively, from 2013 to 2015, with funding of 10 and 42 and more than 50 respectively. "Big data +" has penetrated into almost all industries.
At present, the LED display as the representative of the digital media development faster and faster, we urgently need to find a solution to solve the problem of outdoor LED display chaos, to continue to promote the outdoor advertising industry forward. Where all these issues - whether it is outdoor advertising management or scientific, digital evaluation need to rely on large data, only relying on large data, outdoor advertising industry can usher in new development opportunities. At present, to build digital outdoor media group of the joint photoelectric, but also gradually strengthen the digital investment, to help customers contact the audience for large data analysis, making the brand to promote the brand more accurate and effective, especially mobile terminal investment. In addition, in addition to outdoor advertising, it is learned that the LED industry, the control system companies have begun to develop large-scale analysis of sports events, we can see that the future development prospects of large data is promising.
medical instruments
Medical equipment market in the domestic start late, but the rapid development of 2001 to 2014, China's medical device market size from 17.3 billion yuan to 255.6 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 15 times the compound growth rate of 23%. However, the scale of the medical device market and the scale of the pharmaceutical market comparison, the global medical device market size is roughly 40% of the global pharmaceutical market size, and this proportion of China is less than 15%, with the economic development and domestic aging Of the medical device market has great potential for development. At the same time, "innovative medical equipment special approval procedures (Trial)" and a number of policies introduced for the domestic innovation and rapid growth of medical equipment has laid a solid foundation.
Through a large number of clinical practice, national biomedical experts agree that LED medical equipment is the best alternative to He-Ne laser for phototherapy equipment, in the field of medical applications has a very broad development prospects.
Culture and entertainment
China's 2015 year is the investment circle and BAT in the field of cultural and entertainment attack year. Consumption upgrade makes the people's consumption habits gradually to the cultural and entertainment tilt, consumer groups and consumption of the amount of more and more younger age and growth. 2015 is also an independent IP hot year, Charlotte trouble, catch the demon note, "囧" series, ghost blowing lights and so constantly refresh the domestic film box office records. In addition, accompanied by the game, animation derived from the rise of the secondary culture, the production of digital, fragmented, entertainment content from the media outbreak, will gather a large number of new generation of young users, triggering new business models and opportunities.
Over the years, LED display into the theater has become a long-cherished wish LED display business. Now, with the small pitch technology and cost breakthrough, we can also look forward to the future one day, LED display will be officially settled in the cinema.

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