Talking about the Way of Innovation of Small Spacing LED Dis

Small spacing, Gu Si name, is the point spacing is small. With the advancement of science and technology, the definition of small spacing in the industry is also changing. In the early years, we felt that P6 was small enough to be clear enough. Now, the pixel spacing within 2.5mm (including 2.5mm) can be called a small pitch LED display.

As a regular LED display derived from a new product, a small pitch with seamless stitching, long life, excellent display and other characteristics, so from its birth date, to take the "rocket" speed, quickly in the LED display Screen industry burst red.
Today, the global economic downturn, industry market demand, LED display industry is entering the winter. Small gap is the LED display industry's new "Blue Ocean", is the enterprise expansion of the market, breaking the technical barriers and product price war of a front, it is a quick way to increase profits another shortcut. Therefore, the enterprises flocked to the market competition greatly intensified trend. In order to win the initiative in the market, to maintain the leading position to the listed companies as the representative of a public screen enterprises toward the "small distance, and then smaller", "clear picture quality, and then a little clear" and "wide field of vision, and then broad Point "and continuous efforts, but also to promote the small pitch products in the form of packaging, structure, appearance and application scenarios and marketing ideas and other aspects of innovation.
Point spacing is not the smallest but smaller
The first is the point of the distance of innovation, after all, the small spacing of the reason for the small spacing, the most important and most prominent feature is that it is constantly smaller point spacing. At present, small-scale packaging device miniaturization trend is obvious, 1010,0808 packaging devices continue to emerge, 0707 has been put into production, 0606,0505 is also on the road of research and development, so the market of small pitch products such as P2.5, P2.0, P1.6, P1.5, P1.2 endless, and even P0.9, P0.8 and other smaller spacing products are beginning to enter the mass production stage, a small distance onto the "no minimum, only smaller" road.
September 10, 2015, Riard announced the world's smallest pitch 0.7mm ultra-fine pitch LED panel to achieve mass production, is to make our small products ahead of the world. There is no doubt that from the initial P2.5 to today's P0.7, the spacing of small pitch products has made a huge breakthrough. However, due to the small cost of small spacing, technical process is complex, and in the field of small pitch than the small distance between the more mature display technology, so the point of the breakthrough path has slowed down.
SMD and COB packages coexist
Small spacing early, SMD package thriving, the market's small pitch products are SMD-based package. In recent years, in low cost, high reliability, easy to achieve smaller point spacing known as the form of COB packaging turned out, small pitch package from the early SMD package into the current SMD package and COB package coexistence.
Screen body light maintenance simple
Compared with the packaging device, LED display box and the size of the entire screen is simply a "monster" to P1.6 specifications of small pitch products, for example, to achieve full HD resolution (1920 × 1080), the screen size Will reach 144 inches, which is very inconvenient for transportation, installation and maintenance. In recent years, thin pitch has become a large number of consumers to buy an important indicator, therefore, many domestic enterprises resorted to all means, have introduced a variety of carbon fiber box display products, which is not only conducive to product installation, maintenance, and Reduce the support of the building objects bear the load, safe and beautiful.
As we all know, the early small-distance products mainly after the maintenance of the main, maintenance costs, technical requirements, installation and removal of complex, behind the screen need to set aside greater maintenance space, which makes manufacturers and users troubled. In order to solve this problem, LED display business innovation, and finally developed a small distance in front of the product can be maintained. This pre-maintenance of small-pitch products can be LED display module structure from the front of the LED display box to take down, relative to the need to remove the maintenance of the screw, the removal is more simple, convenient and minimized Damage to the module components ensures the integrity of the module structure. At the same time, eliminating the LED display on the back of the maintenance space, so that the overall thinning the display.
At present, there are a lot of LED display companies have been released before the maintenance of small spacing products, such as Qi Pu photo fly leopard before the maintenance of wall installation of small spacing LED display, Abyson posted wall maintenance flat small spacing, Installed before the maintenance of LED display and so on.
Standardization of single box proportions
Some studies suggest that the field of vision of the human eye is a wide aspect ratio of about 16: 9 rectangle, the proportion of the field of view is most in line with the human eye viewing habits, so touch, the desktop display, the wall of the LCD TV, are using the 16: 9 ratio of products, and many television programs, video signal collection production is also more to 16: 9 this "golden ratio" standard production.

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