3DLED display market "thunder, small rain"

Thunder, rain little, used to describe the naked eye 3DLED display, I am afraid the most appropriate.

The market is not outbreak
As we all know, small-distance display screen as the market segment, has successfully opened up the field of display "Blue Ocean" market. Likewise, naked eye 3D products are also given the same expectations.
R & D naked eye 3DLED display business is not a few, as early as last year, Chau Ming Technology, Alto electronics and other enterprises are introduced related products, in April this year, Lea De released naked eye 3D110 inch LED TV, the future Eagle Group 3DLED display R & D success The
"Naked eye 3D is a fresh industry, has not yet formed a mature industry, there is no one project dare to use the display to do naked eye 3D." Alto electronic market management director Hu Ke said that the company has not received the naked eye 3DLED display Order.
Shanghai think twice is also developing naked eye 3DLED display, designed to push the outdoor market. Think twice vice president Wang Peng said, "At present only tell you I have this technology, not officially sold, this piece of the market is not yet clear.
"There are some needs in this area, there are some customers talking about." Riyadh Optoelectronics, deputy general manager, research and development chief engineer Lu Changjun said, naked eye 3DLED market demand has emerged, "but to say that the outbreak is not to mention.
And Rui extension of the relevant products are now successfully shipped. Nevertheless, Rui Tuo display chairman Shi Yaozhong still said that the naked eye 3DLED display market has not yet broke out. "Rui extension shows that there is no publicity in this area, but the follow-up will do this piece of promotion work."
Technical price double constraints
Why is the current naked eye 3DLED display market has not yet broke out of the reasons, many industry insiders believe that "technology" and "price" is the current two major constraints.
"The main technology itself is not yet mature." Shi Yaozhong said, naked eye 3DLED display currently there are all aspects of technical problems, including three-dimensional imaging results, viewing angle, location, visual distance, 2D to 3D software implementation Aspects of the factors.
Wang Peng said that many companies are now in research and development, production naked eye 3DLED display, in this process will reflect a lot of problems. Shanghai think of the current mainly for the outdoor market to do this research and development, the most critical technical point is "multi-view" design, to make the audience no matter where the location can see the effect of 3D. "Now whether it is one, two, four, eight viewpoints are good to do, but to do dozens of viewpoints will increase the difficulty."
It is understood that, compared to shutter or polarized 3D technology, naked eye 3D technology out of the shackles of glasses, which is the biggest advantage. But the current naked eye 3D display device must be in a specific angle and location to be able to watch the best 3D images, and most of the current products will have a limited perspective of the defects, which is why Wang Peng said to "multi-view "The reason for the design.
"In addition, the resolution is currently a problem of naked eye 3DLED." An unnamed industry to the LEDinside editor to reflect that he had participated in the exhibition saw other companies on display naked eye 3DLED display, "obviously feel It 's not clear, no glasses.
"There is no 3D resolution of wearing glasses is certainly high." Lu Changjun said that the current lack of resolution is indeed a significant short eye 3DLED, but the two applications are not the same, horizontal comparison is not appropriate. "Of course, the core of the future or to make the resolution of the secret, so the better the results."
In addition to the technical aspects are not yet mature, the price is restricted to the naked eye 3DLED display to another major factor in the market. "Any product, whether it is a camera, cell phone, TV, laptop, as long as with the 3D technology detached, will be much higher." The industry said.
"Its price will be high, and the client is mainly considering the cost of the problem." Hu can be said that the naked eye 3DLED display and the need to wear glasses 3D TV, the price may be twice as high.
Zhang Ming, director of science and technology brand, said Zhou Zhimin, Yan Ming Technology's naked eye 3DLED display in Hong Kong show customers have expressed interest, but the domestic price is relatively high, the user's acceptance has not yet arrived. "Small distance between the current price is still relatively high, the advertising market can not accept; small spacing itself market soon rise, but the advertising naked eye 3D market has not actually rise.
Lu Changjun is that the naked eye 3DLED expensive and not expensive to see how to consider. "It's not expensive for the client to look at the client's input-to-revenue ratio, and if the advertiser is using it, it will bring more advertising benefits."
Limited field of application
In the application level, easy to reach the marketing director thunderstorms, naked eye 3DLED TV applications rarely. "High-end cinema may use some."
Shi Yaozhong also said that in the print ads, construction and other fields will be used.
"Naked eye 3D as a video display, people see more than five minutes will have discomfort, may be concentrated in some commercial advertising and games and other interactive experience areas." Lu Changjun said, naked eye 3D and glasses required to observe the time 3D Different, about a few seconds to tens of seconds, mainly to deepen the impression of the audience.
"Now the naked eye 3D in which industry is really mature little, but in the current level of technology in some applications it has a certain value, we are to find suitable for this level of technology applications. "Lu Changjun told LEDinside editor, in the field of naked eye 3D, Riard fancy the target market is mainly the application of indoor advertising media. "The future will be extended to the gaming industry."
"This market is here, but there are many ways to solve the small gap between the market three years ago is zero, we hope that the naked eye 3D from the fast to do." Li Yide chairman Li Jun in the "Yade naked eye 3D110 Inch LED TV conference "on the media interview.

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