LED display anti-static requirements which?

We know that electronic products on the electrostatic protection requirements are very high, especially precision electronic components, the strength of the LED display manufacturers both in the manufacturing process or anti-static are doing better, then we look at the next LED display static protection knowledge.

LED display anti-static measures can not be ignored the importance of the following is for static and anti-static several instructions:
1, the source of static electricity: the impact of the circuit on the electrostatic source of the main body, plastic products and related equipment, which comes from the use of the environment of the static power of the following:
1) objects, materials.
2) floor, work tables and chairs.
3) Work clothes, packaging containers.
4) paint or waxing the surface, organic and fiberglass material.
5) cement flooring, paint or waxed flooring, plastic tiles or floor tiles.
6) chemical fiber overalls, non-conductive work shoes, clean cotton overalls.
7) plastic, packing box, box, bag, plate, foam pad.
2, the electrostatic discharge failure mode: sudden failure and potential failure.
3, anti-static measures:
1) Training of static electricity and related technologies for the use of static-sensitive circuits.
2) the establishment of anti-static work area, in the area using electrostatic floor, anti-static workstations, anti-static grounding lead and anti-static appliances, and the relative humidity control in 40 or more.
3) electrostatic damage to electronic equipment may occur in some of the small details of the usual, should pay attention to the details of the deal.
4) ESD damage to the equipment to distinguish between marked, should not be confused with the normal equipment.
5) ESD security and control procedures: the establishment of a complete ESD ESD management system to strengthen the usual detection.
4, transport and packaging
In everyday operation, ESD sensitive devices should always be stored in antistatic packages or containers.
The above is the LED display electrostatic protection knowledge, in production and life, it is worth our attention, so that the damage caused by static electricity to a minimum.

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