LED display into the rural market

With the continuous development of rural information, more and more LED display in the rural community, a community in a beautiful landscape. Set microelectronics, computer and information processing technology in one, LED display to a certain extent, help to improve the rural information lag, the status of low degree of information, ease the embarrassment of poor information. Some community cadres are deeply touched by this, LED electronic display not only broaden the way residents access to information, but also improve the efficiency of community services.
However, due to various reasons, many communities LED display utilization is not high, and some have even become a display. "A few million dollars a screen, bought no later how to use." "A week to open a day or two, usually so stood." Some residents reflected to. It is understood that the use of LED display a lot of information release, price quotes, laws and regulations, temporary notice, real-time news broadcast, consumer guide, and even government departments can start weather, water, disaster and other early warning terminal. Since the use of such a wide range, why can not really play the role of the display?
In combination, the reason is nothing less than the following. First, the community cadres to accept the need for a new thing, a long time to develop the work habits difficult to change; the second is due to lack of management, the lack of formal use of LED display and management practices; third is not up to the maintenance, Some LED display failure has not been repaired in time.
As a means of enriching the rural information, in the actual production and life, including LED display, including all the information technology should pay attention. The broad masses of grassroots cadres should actively change their concepts and fully understand the great effect of information technology on rural economic development, community management and the transformation of farmers' ideas. Second, the government departments to increase investment efforts to eliminate the urban and rural areas between the "digital divide", not only in equipment and other hardware, but also in the talent and other software to speed up the pace of training, so that more practical talents in the grassroots community emerged, to avoid All kinds of "tall" equipment to become "flower shelf", to play its due role, so that science and technology services really "into the village home." In addition, but also multi-help, to participate. Rural information construction is a huge systematic project, we must fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all sectors of society, departmental interaction, government and enterprise interaction, in order to really make good use of existing resources, to achieve the effectiveness of construction.

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